Just like the ancient egyptians I will attempt to astonish the world with something that will define me after death.

Since I do not have cable and had my new iphone stolen only after a month of owning it (since then I have transitioned to an incredibly annoying blackberry), I have to say my Wheat/grain part of the pyramid would most definitely have to be the internet/computer.

From everything I read to watch, excluding netflix on my roomates wii whenever he is in class, is all done on the web.

I’d have to say most of my time is spent on my two emails, my personal and schools, as well as the wonderful world of facebook. Those three places only really captivate my attention for a mere 10 minutes though before I feel the need to find something more entertaining.

The second choice for internet amusement would be what I have provided on my tabs on my browser; a mix of blogs about cycling (a ton of these, more specifically fixed gear sites), tattoo portfolios, craigslist for some sweet deals, and a few food blogs.

Other than that I usually spend my time surfing the web just like somebody would flicking through the television channels, even landing on the occasional adult rated channel. One day when I have a somewhat well paying job I hope to have more media outlets available, and hopefully replace my long lost loved iphone.

But until then my life of wasting time on the internet like a drunk at 3 am watching tv will have to continue.

Now here are some photos that have nothing to do with a media pyramid, except I use my computer with em.

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