BRIGGS Chapter Deuce

“A good blog is a continuing conversation”


The blogs I check on a daily basis are ones that seem to continue writing in the same tone and style, but usually cover a different specific topic. I really like brother Briggs opinion on that. All the little Blog jargon, or Blargon, seemed a bit too much. Now I understand breaking down the basics for those tedious under a rock journalismist out there, but a lot of those terms just seemed a bit too “standard” and honestly… a bit lame. Blog’n was created by the people and for the people (here here!). The best way to get comfortable with whatever template you decide to use is to probably buy a six pack, get mad at something (the dog next door (or baby), significant other, or crappy car you own) and try to write as opinionated as possible in as many different ways as possible. Play with all the buttons and see which ways you can make your site different colors and shtuff.

Now adding widgets and doo thingies are pretty cool at first on blogs. It is my belief that most blogs with a plethora of crap on the side just clutter the site and deter people away. Most successful blogs I have followed, and watched gain popularity, simply add adds (ha) to generate revenue (for obvious reasons). I think the best stand point on theme and lay out is KISS. Keep it simple stupid. but hey, that’s just this man’s opinion.

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