Briggs chapter four

Microblogging…. its funny how a generation goes from reading page after a page of info and listening to an hour’s worth of news, from short small articles online… to now information sent out in only 140 characters or less. Its quite amazing. Having this information so concise makes people have to fit in the most important topics and somehow put it in a way that will entice people into reading it; almost giving it a little “hook” to captivate the audience.

This chapter really kinda turned me onto the idea of getting more involved in using devices such as twitter and other microblogging tools. The “interconnections of news” are really important when it comes to trying to categorize yourself as an online writer. Also if used correctly; these tools could help brand and generate a larger audience following your every word. For example, I know plenty of comedians and famous bloggers that use microblogs (twitter) to keep people laughing while they are off the stage and also to release information about whatever “beat” they are covering ( like products or special events).

It is almost as “instant” as news gets.

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