Briggs Chapter 6

First of all, that photo of Obama with his shoes all worn down is one of my favorite from the campaign. This chapter is very right when it says that the right online picture is “worth a thousand words”.

Having a small and decent camera can add quite a punch to your writing and journalism. I do write ups on local bands and always include pictures and videos of the band, just for people can get MORE of a sense of what Im talking about… and even get more than a narrative on a band… they want to hear them.

I really wish I had an slr though.

Im so glad this chapter told me i needed to do the following;

Hold the camera steady

Fill the frame

Focus on ONE thing

Get closer

Get closer go vertical SHOOT ACTION

Thanks book, I know print is dying, but people have been using cameras for quite some time. My biggest advice would be to take as many possible pictures as possible, but to THINK about each one you take. Not just some facebook profile look at me were drunk pictures. but pictures that you would want to see on google images or something. Pictures that have a sense of style and taste… after  a while you are able to develop an eye for such a thing.

And never use flash

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