Briggs chapter five

In this wondrous chapter my active mind learneded how to do the following things;

-discover types of stories that flow well with mobile reporting

-Different ways to use the media when publishing

-How pros and big time news organizations utilize this form of reporting

-What type of gear and equipment is needed when mobile reporting

With smart phones these days it is incredibly easy to go about reporting on site about things. It has even revolutionized countries and has shed light into third world countries when they try to throw an iron blanket over its citizens.

The recent events in Egypt are a perfect example of this, they even decided to name a kid “facebook” because of the amount mobile reporting (from average citizens) opened up the media in the country.

Man do I miss my iphone.

Getting the information online and published as soon as possible is also key. Doing so will make your reporting a hot ticket.

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