Briggs chapter seven

This chapter goes in deep about how to make sound… more than sound… but making it visible. At first I thought I already knew the answer to such an amazing question… video!

But I was sure wrong.

As somebody who is really into recording and audio stuff, It was kinda neat to see different ways I could take what I already know, and use it on the field when reporting.

These three things that are important to audio journalism made a lot of sense;

-Presence, Using your voice and overall persona to entice the audience

-Emotion, Tone of voice and deep pauses can enhance what ever your trying to tell your audience.

-Atmosphere, using natural sounds, like screaming people and bombs in the background, can make your story much more interesting.

This chapter also made me realize the importance of podcasting (something I’ve never gotten into, but probably should to help my reporting).

I didn’t like how it tried to sell you different devices in the book, there are plenty of better equipment out there that would be much cheaper and easier to use… unless your trying to record a metal band or something. or an iphone. The end of the chapter seemed like a commercial, I mean… I already bought the book!

Now enjoy these sweet photos

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