George Allen Video Conference

On February the 17th myself and 14 other lucky class members had the pleasure in participating in a video “Distant Learning” conference with George Allen, a US politician, who is running for Senate again. At first I was a bit nervous to be on the air with such an influential figure, but after getting seated and having our professor Steve Klein assure us how cool this was going to be, my nervousness turned to excitement.

Once the red light turned on I understood the excitement my teacher shared for this opportunity. It was really cool to be able to be in on a C-SPAN discussion with such a prominent US politician.

Some questions we had in  preparation for the broadcast were  good and were very relevant to his upcoming senate race.

1. What have you learned from your past campaigns?

2. What are you doing for college tuition?

3. What are you doing social media related for your campaign?

Here were his responses and comments made during the discussion.

– George Allen plans to make college tuition more affordable by freezing the prices and making it easier to get loans. He plans to use a lot of convincing to end high economic spending and start saving for our communities.

– Allen made a lot of references to his book… which shows his marketing skills too, even if he doesn’t win the office, he sure can make some cash off his book for sure. He did make a lot of great points though in reference to sports; a defensive plays wins championships and that we do not need anymore “arm chair” quarterbacks.

– He is now using a lot of social media to help run his campaign. By initiating a high-tech task force, he is showing his support of technology in this day. He is utilizing new media such as Facebook, twitter, and other media forms to help promote his run for senate.

– He plans to spread democracy through four different methods

1. Free Religion

2. Equal rights for both sex

3. Free enterprise for business

4. To uphold the Rule of Law

While I do think this is a good idea, its hard to imagine “every” country to be able to follow the same type of democracy that we have always used. Different cultures need different leadership.

-George Aleen also plans on upgrading school by 20 percent with less tax payers money. He didn’t say how we was going to do this… but I wonder what his method will be.

My favorite quote from the experience… most deffinitly had to be the following one;

“If the french can do it…. so can the Americans”

hahhahah, I got a chuckle from that.

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