Steve Buttry’s visit

STEVE BUTTRY gave us some free swag, not too shabby.

He also told us to count the amount of media uses for the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. It was very intersting to see how you can creativly create an intro that captivates your audience and do it without video… an emoke a very surreal emotion. It was an incredibly interactive page.

With todays innovative opportunities…. its amazing how many different ways you can report a story… but letting the audience choose their “poison”.

” A simple map and a different way of story telling way becomes a vehicle and a self guided way to go through the story” -Buttry

Louisiana’s fate is also a great example

THIS is super sick as well, once again social media trumps all. People can write stories… but people can spread them much easier.

“Always be Curious, if a question occurs to you ask it”

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