Kevin Anderson

Doha- working with algezeera arabic.

Using the sources that you can rely on, people can tell their own story and be their own witnesses. “Know your sources before things start” He knew most of the bloggers in Egypt before the chaos.

How did he get contacted by the group?

In 1996 he tranfered from newspaper to an online journalist. Then he moved up along the hierarchy to become a bbc online journalist, the first, to be out side england.

what tools must we have in our journalism skill “case”?

Major diff between when he was at school and now is that he had to work hard to get internships and build up your clipfile. The other thing is that you will land that first job if you take the initive now, start doing multimedia story telling. Have it ready and start practicing for what employers are looking for.

He also summed it up that basically need another Iphone 4… still bummed someone stole mine!

Storify can be useful, but make sure you add context. VERY IMPORTANT

Role of SM in today’s society:

Network journalism… content must be available and take content to where people are congregating online.

Covering the middle east… from the middle east

“this is the asian century”

“its going to be interesting to see how we navigate this next generation of journalism”

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