Mark Potts

Use exisitng information to help get your story together.

“make a great map of pot holes”

use readers to help fuel your ideas for stories. and other hypernet worlds are capable of making money, and are run by the community.

Sites like Patch should be teaming up with other sites like hypernet.

And they won’t make it…

TBD is something that is working existing stuff and highligting somethign that already exist. CROWD SOURCING BABY!

People can be more subjective while being an audience member

People need passion, or people won’t care.

Community information for people who live in that community.

Do it for the money! Dolla dolla billz yall!

but for real man, wikileaks IS JOURNALISM

and the government is messin with the first amendment.

Twitter is useless

newsmap is a good new way to show news.

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