Briggs chapter seven

This chapter goes in deep about how to make sound… more than sound… but making it visible. At first I thought I already knew the answer to such an amazing question… video!

But I was sure wrong.

As somebody who is really into recording and audio stuff, It was kinda neat to see different ways I could take what I already know, and use it on the field when reporting.

These three things that are important to audio journalism made a lot of sense;

-Presence, Using your voice and overall persona to entice the audience

-Emotion, Tone of voice and deep pauses can enhance what ever your trying to tell your audience.

-Atmosphere, using natural sounds, like screaming people and bombs in the background, can make your story much more interesting.

This chapter also made me realize the importance of podcasting (something I’ve never gotten into, but probably should to help my reporting).

I didn’t like how it tried to sell you different devices in the book, there are plenty of better equipment out there that would be much cheaper and easier to use… unless your trying to record a metal band or something. or an iphone. The end of the chapter seemed like a commercial, I mean… I already bought the book!

Now enjoy these sweet photos

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Integrating Social Media into your journalism

Everything is changing. Journalism is not what it was.

He worked at small companies and transitioned to bigger through experience. Focuses on sports and then transitioned to web sports editor and has stayed on the digital side.

early expereiments shows where tweets are showing up and showing where they are in what section. -never reached enough people.

Many more options today,



WHYYYYY we use social media

It’s where users are

it helps our reporting

it allllows us to build a relationship with users

its an art! not a science!

Third-party platforms: not the only way!

-interaction from your audience is key great for polls

Ignore at your own peril!

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Techblog… or I hope it is

Prollyisnotprobably is one of the most influential fix gear bike sites on the entire planet. From product reviews, news, photos, fashion, and much more, John Watson brings info to his audience with swift speed. He is the blogger I wish I was.

By taking content his users send to him, taking photos by being on scene, and spending his time keeping the site up to date, almost by the hour, it is one of the sites most fixed gear bikers check every day.

This man turned his hobby into a career.

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Does this count as a tech blog item?

Man I love stop motion (and curly headed red heads)

Random fact: red heads are 30% more promiscuous than blondes and brownheads

It took over 2000 photos to make this. It was nominated for a Grammy and was spread through the web like fire.

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Briggs Chapter 6

First of all, that photo of Obama with his shoes all worn down is one of my favorite from the campaign. This chapter is very right when it says that the right online picture is “worth a thousand words”.

Having a small and decent camera can add quite a punch to your writing and journalism. I do write ups on local bands and always include pictures and videos of the band, just for people can get MORE of a sense of what Im talking about… and even get more than a narrative on a band… they want to hear them.

I really wish I had an slr though.

Im so glad this chapter told me i needed to do the following;

Hold the camera steady

Fill the frame

Focus on ONE thing

Get closer

Get closer go vertical SHOOT ACTION

Thanks book, I know print is dying, but people have been using cameras for quite some time. My biggest advice would be to take as many possible pictures as possible, but to THINK about each one you take. Not just some facebook profile look at me were drunk pictures. but pictures that you would want to see on google images or something. Pictures that have a sense of style and taste… after  a while you are able to develop an eye for such a thing.

And never use flash

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Briggs chapter five

In this wondrous chapter my active mind learneded how to do the following things;

-discover types of stories that flow well with mobile reporting

-Different ways to use the media when publishing

-How pros and big time news organizations utilize this form of reporting

-What type of gear and equipment is needed when mobile reporting

With smart phones these days it is incredibly easy to go about reporting on site about things. It has even revolutionized countries and has shed light into third world countries when they try to throw an iron blanket over its citizens.

The recent events in Egypt are a perfect example of this, they even decided to name a kid “facebook” because of the amount mobile reporting (from average citizens) opened up the media in the country.

Man do I miss my iphone.

Getting the information online and published as soon as possible is also key. Doing so will make your reporting a hot ticket.

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Briggs chapter four

Microblogging…. its funny how a generation goes from reading page after a page of info and listening to an hour’s worth of news, from short small articles online… to now information sent out in only 140 characters or less. Its quite amazing. Having this information so concise makes people have to fit in the most important topics and somehow put it in a way that will entice people into reading it; almost giving it a little “hook” to captivate the audience.

This chapter really kinda turned me onto the idea of getting more involved in using devices such as twitter and other microblogging tools. The “interconnections of news” are really important when it comes to trying to categorize yourself as an online writer. Also if used correctly; these tools could help brand and generate a larger audience following your every word. For example, I know plenty of comedians and famous bloggers that use microblogs (twitter) to keep people laughing while they are off the stage and also to release information about whatever “beat” they are covering ( like products or special events).

It is almost as “instant” as news gets.

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Briggz Chapta three

Distributed reporting…. huh? I really like the idea of using a third party to gather information and help you “get the ball moving”. I even say I have participated in these online events and have witnessed it countless times. A great way to gather info

Open source reporting has been a great addition to the great sporadic field of journalism and news reporting.

I enjoyed the section on beat blogging. Hopefully that’s what Ill get to do some day; stay at home and write about stuff. BUT the best part would be to write about a particular section of culture and get to attend events, snap pictures, and help promote/influence the scene. So hell yeah for beat blogs.

While tapping the power is imporant… accessing the power from the individual is just as important. Making that connection is crucial.

TAPPING THE POWER FROM YOUR WALL IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT HAH! without it you couldn’t turn your computer on.

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BRIGGS Chapter Deuce

“A good blog is a continuing conversation”


The blogs I check on a daily basis are ones that seem to continue writing in the same tone and style, but usually cover a different specific topic. I really like brother Briggs opinion on that. All the little Blog jargon, or Blargon, seemed a bit too much. Now I understand breaking down the basics for those tedious under a rock journalismist out there, but a lot of those terms just seemed a bit too “standard” and honestly… a bit lame. Blog’n was created by the people and for the people (here here!). The best way to get comfortable with whatever template you decide to use is to probably buy a six pack, get mad at something (the dog next door (or baby), significant other, or crappy car you own) and try to write as opinionated as possible in as many different ways as possible. Play with all the buttons and see which ways you can make your site different colors and shtuff.

Now adding widgets and doo thingies are pretty cool at first on blogs. It is my belief that most blogs with a plethora of crap on the side just clutter the site and deter people away. Most successful blogs I have followed, and watched gain popularity, simply add adds (ha) to generate revenue (for obvious reasons). I think the best stand point on theme and lay out is KISS. Keep it simple stupid. but hey, that’s just this man’s opinion.

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Briggs Chapter 1

Chapter one basicallllly goes into how the field of journalism is underneath a huge transitions… and like the great darwin said, those who dont swim are bound to drizzzound. Or something like that. I really liked how the chapter starts out with the quote “journalism is about people, not technology”. Now while I totally agree with that statement, I do believe people are starting to rely heavily and are almost “infusing” with technologic habits, media fronts, and lifestyles. People now find their jobs, cars, and significant others on the web, so why wouldn’t they find their news now?

The best part about online writing is that it is incredibly specialized. People do not have to go to one site to get their fix on news. They can go to more categorized sites to get their information they require. ERGOOOO I go to a lot of bike sites that fill me in on the latest on goings in the scene, the same way some people check tech blogs for updates on gadgets and the way chefs probably still all their recipes from stumbling online.

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