Briggs Chapter 1

Chapter one basicallllly goes into how the field of journalism is underneath a huge transitions… and like the great darwin said, those who dont swim are bound to drizzzound. Or something like that. I really liked how the chapter starts out with the quote “journalism is about people, not technology”. Now while I totally agree with that statement, I do believe people are starting to rely heavily and are almost “infusing” with technologic habits, media fronts, and lifestyles. People now find their jobs, cars, and significant others on the web, so why wouldn’t they find their news now?

The best part about online writing is that it is incredibly specialized. People do not have to go to one site to get their fix on news. They can go to more categorized sites to get their information they require. ERGOOOO I go to a lot of bike sites that fill me in on the latest on goings in the scene, the same way some people check tech blogs for updates on gadgets and the way chefs probably still all their recipes from stumbling online.

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