Briggz Chapta three

Distributed reporting…. huh? I really like the idea of using a third party to gather information and help you “get the ball moving”. I even say I have participated in these online events and have witnessed it countless times. A great way to gather info

Open source reporting has been a great addition to the great sporadic field of journalism and news reporting.

I enjoyed the section on beat blogging. Hopefully that’s what Ill get to do some day; stay at home and write about stuff. BUT the best part would be to write about a particular section of culture and get to attend events, snap pictures, and help promote/influence the scene. So hell yeah for beat blogs.

While tapping the power is imporant… accessing the power from the individual is just as important. Making that connection is crucial.

TAPPING THE POWER FROM YOUR WALL IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT HAH! without it you couldn’t turn your computer on.

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